Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After a few weeks at my new job I figure out that "agile" doesn't mean I'm going to get fired on a whim. But I do notice there are some other different patterns and behaviors here. People stand in large groups in front of a white board that covers an entire wall, and then they go to sit in pairs at mobile work stations.

It's already happened more than once that I went to find someone only to discover they and their desk had completely disappeared. They moved, without a visible forwarding address. (Yes, I did wonder if my original understanding of "agile" was correct after all...)

So now I rely heavily on instant messenger.

Anyway, I'm about to try a "pairing" project. Never mind that this sounds just plain wrong... I'm worried because generally I'd rather work by myself. I'm picky and impatient and would rather just get the thing done rather than watch someone else mess it up. (Makes you want to meet me, doesn't it?) But supposedly it's very effective. One person thinks and the other one types. And then they switch off. (Or fight about it, more likely...) I'll give it a try and see if I can stand it.

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